Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge

I've submitted the list I'll be painting in the coming months starting this month.

Independent Characters
Rune Priest (100)
Wolf Lord (225)
Logan Grimnar (275)
Lone Wolf (85)
5 Terminator Wolf Guard (225)
4 Terminator Wolf Guard (197)
10 Grey Hunters (170)
9 Grey Hunters (160)
10 Fenrisian Wolves (80)
5 Thunderwolf Cavalry (340)
5 Long Fangs (140)

Here's the thread (Everything will be posted here of course)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hobby Progress Challenge 2013 Concluded

The challenge is done and the winners have been drawn, I'm not one of them but I'm glad nonetheless to have taken part in the challenge. I was part of the 57 that made it through the challenge from a pool of 250+ hobbyists.

Here's myself being mentioned in an admin post on his personal blog, he represented well the friendly community that dwell in the IC's forum.

Can't wait for the 2014 Challenge ... I still have a lot of stuff to paint.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fallout "Nuclear Sandlot" Color Scheme

Brother Vinni Nuclear Sandlot T-45d Brotherhood of Steel Paladins
T-45d Brotherhood of Steel Paladins
Brother Vinni Nuclear Sandlot T-45d Brotherhood of Steel Paladins
Improved level of detail on the Gatling laser one
They're done, well only the varnish still needs to be applied then some flocking to match the rest of my bases scheme. This is the very simple yet effective scheme that I've used, I'm not usually a fan of dry brushing but after some research it really suit the worn out yet maintained look of the Brotherhood of Steel T-45d armour. Stippling with a brush/sponge or the salt/hairspray technique wouldn't have worked as well on this scale I think.

Power Armour
Mechanicus Standard Grey
Overbrush Eshin Grey
Diluted Wash Nuln Oil
Overbrush Eshin Grey
Drybrush Codex Grey
Light Drybrush Fortress Grey
Light Drybrush Necron Compound

Breather pipes
Base Zandri Dust
Wash Devlan Mud

Suit pipes
Base Zandri Dust
Highlight Bleached Bone

Base Bubonic Brown (3 Layers)
Layer Chaos Black
Layer Mephiston Red

Layer Space Wolves Grey

Gatling laser
Base Leadbelcher
Wash Nuln Oil
Light Drybrush Necron Compound

Laser rifle
Base Leadbelcher
Wash Nuln Oil
Layer Chaos Black
Layer Blazing Orange

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Workbench - Fallout Miniatures

I've debated doing posts like this for ages, ever since I saw similar post on From The Warp. It's nothing fancy but the hassle of getting the Nikon out, importing and editing made it so I never got around to do it.

I've solve this with my new iPad, the photo quality is acceptable for simple work in progress pictures and it's quite easy to post straight from the device.

As the Independent Characters podcast hobby challenge is now officially over, I found myself needing a palette cleanser sort of, something different than wall to wall Flesh Tearers. So I decided to finish my Fallout Miniatures.
Fallout aka BrotherVinni "Sandlot" Power-Armour Miniatures WIP
T-45d Brotherhood of Steel Paladins
Basing is underway and while the PVA is drying, I need to find what else is available online to get them some friends \ foes.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Terrain - Battlescape and Moonscape

I've made some progress on painting terrain as a nice break from the Flesh Tearers, the Hobby Progress Challenge didn't gave me much chance to paint something else. 



I've used the same colour scheme as my bases mostly, here's the link. I did try cheaper acrylics from Mickael's to colour match the Scorched Brown with mixed success. Games Workshop Citadel paint are pretty expensive but I can't say that they're not higher quality than the acrylics I can locally buy (Vallejo and Privater Press aren't distributed around here). The coverage of the Citadel Base paint is way better and dried 10x times faster, I even had to use my heat gun on low setting in order to emulate the same drying times.

Battlescape with Flesh Tearers Death Company
A Battle-Brother of the Death Company died here...

Battlescape and Moonscape
Battlescape with Moonscape

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kanban to the rescue

I've ran with the Independant Characters podcast suggestion and started to use Kanban Flow to organise my hobby task in order to stop being distracted and get things finished.

Kanban Flow Warhammer 40k board
My Kanban Hobby board
Here's mine, I've struggled to get meaningful categories that fit with the workflow that I use. I would break down detailing but that would make the board less usable as the columns would get pretty narrow. I highly recommend you follow their advice and visit KanbanFlow (it's free!)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hobby Progress - Finishing the Flesh Tearers

In an effort of finishing my Flesh Tearers, I've been going over the units I didn't gave much love. Surprisingly this included the very first unit I've ever had, my Sternguards, which is also my first conversion. They all have warriors of chaos cloak and green stuff on the shoulders to match the fur.

Flesh Tearers Sternguard
Flesh Tearers Sternguard with some conversion

Flesh Tearers Devastator Sergeant, Flesh Tearers Command Squad Standard Bearer
Left overs of Devastator Squad and Command Squad

Flesh Tearers Librarian Dark Vengeance Light Conversion
Flesh Tearers Librarian (Dark Vengeance)

Next steps ? Freehand on the banners, Decals, figuring out what to use to seal them and flocking. Stay tuned.